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The reason for this book to be your first eBook to check out is that the web content is impressive. It is composed in a great fashion producing a visitor to maintain reading page to web page.Maximise their potential in Edexcel A level Economics, with topic-by-topic guidance from Peter Smith: – Keep your students’ up to date with the rapidly changing world: new exciting case studies will help them analyse and evaluate – Build their quantitative skills with worked examples and practice activities throughout the book – Ensure they can explain key economic concepts and issues accurately and effectively: learn the key terms throughout the text and in the theme-by-theme glossaries – Feel confident in their exam skills: put what they learn into practice with activities and practice questions

Title Edexcel A level Economics A Book 2
Publisher Hodder Education
ISBN 1471830055
label Hodder Education
Author Peter Smith
Release 2015-06-26
Type Paperback
Brand Hodder Education
Pages 352
Price £26.99
Category Economics

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